My projets

Ou jouer dehors?

An attempt to record and localise playground in France.

Activity is a must for kids today. We have a big network of public playground in France mostly underused because there are often dificult to find.

Made under google-app-engine it use a nosql database and the google-map api.

Baptisme registry for a Parish

Today's parishes are often spread on multiple churches. When it was possible to keep a Excel file on a computer to organize the différents celebrations, now the cloud offer a better way to share the information.

This was an exercice that use codigniter and bootstrap. It was too a way too to practice with a looging management.

This website has a limited access, I need to work on a demo data set that can be easily reset to default to show what it does.

Score repertoire

Devellop under Visual Studio in C#, a first version use for the website but the public frontend was later move to google app engine

The big update is a WPF application to generate the pdf and png (using lilypond) and uploading them to the website, which wake it easier to manage the colection of tunes.

My Art

I don't have any pretention as an artist. I was doodling with my kids and thought that it didn't look too bad and experience on how to build a website around it.

It was an excuse to pratice with the flex responsive css functions

Memory game

Simple memory game which was an exercice to work on jquery and websockets

My skills













What drive me?

I am oppen-minded witch help me to addapt to differents culture.

Patient and calm made me a appreciated coworker.

Curious I don't minde to try new things.

I like a good problem that need some thinking.